About Us

Our Story

In July 2011, Summer flew from Cambodia to New Zealand for a mission conference just north of Wellington. She went to talk about her work with girls who are survivors of human trafficking and to fellowship with friends from America who were at the conference as well.  Guy attended in his role as a Youth Pastor for a local church and it was there that we met and spent 3 days hanging out and building a friendship.  After the conference, Summer went back to Cambodia and our new friendship continued via Skype.  When our Skype conversations started lasting well into the night we acknowledged that this may be turning into more than a friendship, and from there our relationship blossomed.  After many dates on Skype and a lot of international travel, we got engaged in New Zealand on April 2, 2012 and were married in the US on January 5, 2013.

Our Call

Both of us have felt called to overseas mission since we were teenagers. Summer, having had a taste of mission while participating in a short term mission trip to Malawi, and Guy after going on two short term missions to India and then one to Fiji.  Through the long hours getting to know one another on Skype we could see clearly that God had a calling on both our lives and He had a plan in bringing us together.  As our relationship grew, we began to seek the Lord on what it might look like to serve Him together.  With Summer having been in the mission field for 3 years already it become clear that the Lord was calling us to serve together in Cambodia.  This new life and calling for both of us began in April 2013 when we flew to Cambodia together as husband and wife.

We will be serving in Cambodia through an American mission organization called SAMS (Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders).  SAMS is affiliated with CMS (Church Missionary Society) worldwide and has a close working relationship with CMS New Zealand (NZCMS).  NZCMS will be helping to receive funds for us from our Kiwi ministry partners.  Please check out both of these amazing organizations for more information.

Guy’s Role

Through a lot of prayer and discernment it was decided that Guy should spend his first several months in Cambodia in intensive language learning and cultural adjustment (and learning to be a husband!)  There are a number of opportunities for getting involved in sports teams, practising language skills, and building relationships as he continues to discern where God is calling him to serve more long term. As a qualified Youth Worker, Guy’s passions lie around working with youth and young people. We will continue to seek the Lord and the guidance of those already involved in ministry in Cambodia and wait to see what God has in store for Guy.  Please join us in prayer for guidance and discernment for a specific ministry role for Guy.

To learn more about how you can partner in our ministry click on ‘Prayer & Support’

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