Have you ever had those moments in your life where you are like “What the heck” “oh snap” “this is awesome” “how the heck did I end up here”? or maybe you know those moments where you are like “im bored” “where is my life going” “my job sucks” “how the heck did I end up here”?

For myself personally I can vividly recall all of these moments in my life at one point or another and the question is always how the heck did I end up here? when you sit there at your office desk in your job you find boring or you sit there at your youth group on a friday night that you love with every piece of your heart the answer always leads me back to my relationship with Jesus. a selfish life focused on work, sport and all of other life’s distractions I find lands me in a life of boredom and lack of direction. a life with my eyes and heart pointed right at Jesus resembles something more of a roller-coaster with comments like “What the heck” “oh snap” “this is awesome” coming out of my mouth more frequently.

It was in this acknowledgment that I want to keep my eyes and heart fully fixed on him that things in my world got flipped turned upside down.

I have had a call to mission since the tender age of 15. now we all know what life was like when we were 15, your parents funded your bank account, bought your clothes, did your washing and put 3 meals a day on the table, well my mum did anyway. heck I thought I had it made, thought I could change the world. that was until the following year God called me to India on short term mission and my life was never the same. after going back the following year because I fell in love with the country and people so much and felt there was loads more work to do! that was my introduction to short term mission, overseas life, the world in which people exist who don’t have their parents fund their bank account, buy them clothes, and don’t put 3 meals a day on the table.

Apart from a short trip to Fiji in 2009 I was desperate for God to point me in the direction of what mission he had for me in my life. I spent months wrestling with the lord, “What does mission look like in my life? is it here in New Zealand as a youth pastor, because i’m ok with that if it is, or is it overseas sharing my faith and helping those in need?”

After a week long conference here in New Zealand about international mission where I met my now fiance Summer, things started falling into place. those long nights spent on Skype discussing life, passions and Gods calling, thats when you start to realize that those months of wrestling with the lord about your life are starting to show some direction. after long conversations and prayer and discernment with close friends it was decided that in marrying Summer my work for the Lord would continue in Cambodia in 2013

I continually ask myself “how the heck did I end up here” and I am continually reminded of my relationship with Jesus, (oh and that I am marrying a total babe called Summer who lives in Cambodia)

This is a ride I would love you all to join myself and Summer on together, with frequent posts about anything and everything in life.

Bless you all so much


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