Road rules in Cambodia

Road rules in Cambodia

Some other missionaries posted this piece about Cambodian Road Rules and we thought we would share it with all of you. This morning on the way to school i think i engaged in at least 3 of these rules.


Guy and Pirum Moto Run

Check out our morning moto ride taking Pirum to school. passing the market and crossing the main road are the fun parts. Blessings Guy and Summer

New Wineskins twenty13

Knitted Jerseys, Sandals, and Purple shirts are all the ingredients you need for an International Anglican Missions Conference.

Bishops, Clergy, Missionaries, Potential Missionaries, churches that send, and churches that receive all made up the eclectic group that attended this years New Wineskins Mission Conference.

There was a lot of excitement and a little initial apprehension at the thought of attending a conference of over 1000 people made up of Anglican missionaries from east and west (and the conferences’ last tweet was 3 years ago!).  All that aside this turned out to be one of the finest weeks Summer and I have been involved in!

There were are 4 moments we would love to share with you all about our time at New Wineskins twenty13 *in no particular order*

1) Meeting (and seeing again) these guys 

photo (3)

Everyone meet the Whitakers! Gregory and Heidi and their three girls are another SAMS missionary family who are moving to Cambodia in July/August. It was such a special time to hang out and get to know them more as they prepare to leave for the field only months after us. Gregory is going to take up the position as the Preist in charge of the english speaking congregation at Church of Christ our Peace Anglican Church. It felt like we were starting our own little SAMS Cambodian family!! We are both super excited to have this amazing family join us in Cambodia. *Please pray for the Whitakers as they raise support and prepare to leave*

2) Spending time with the Dean of Cambodia, Wong Tak Meng

photo (4)

Tak Meng is an Anglican Priest from the Diocese of Singapore and the Dean of Cambodia. We were fortunate to spend a good chunk of time chatting and hearing the vision Tak Meng and other senior members of the Diocese of Singapore have for Cambodia; everything from church planting, youth outreaches, social services, medical missions, teaching English as a foreign language and so much more. We are super excited and honored the be able to participate in this exacting time.

3) SAMS Family Retreat

Before New Wineskins started we we spent 3 days being apart of the 2013 SAMS Family Retreat.  This is something that happens every 3 years, when the SAMS home staff, board, and a large number of SAMS missionaries from Peru, the Dominican Republic, Belize, Cambodia, Brazil, Madagascar, Uganda (and more) gathered together as a family.  It was a great chance to meet and catch up with so many people, and a time of refreshing and teaching. Really just a wonderful time of relaxation, receiving, and  getting to know the wider SAMS family a lot better. The thing that we  walked away with was a sense that even though we are all serving around the world in our own ministries we are still apart of a wider family!!

you can find SAMS on twitter @SAMSUSA1 or

Last but not least…

4) New Wineskins twenty13

New Wineskins is an event that happens every 3 years and is reportedly the largest Anglican mission conference in the world.  Over 1,000 missionaries, churches, and international guests gather from all over the world to share, learn, fellowship, and worship God together.  So you can imagine the energy!  We felt encouraged, excited, refreshed, and ready to get back to Cambodia to share God’s love!  What great timing to attend a dynamic mission conference!  Check out their website:

4 days to go!!

4 days to go!!

We have 4 days before we leave for Cambodia!!
We are leaving in faith that God will provide
Our mission agency has allowed us to leave with a reduced income but it is tight.
we are in search of 26 new donors in order for us to continue our Mission work.
Will you help us out?



WOW! What an amazing response, only 38 monthly donors needed before we meet our target monthly goal. Join us by donating here
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Much Love, Guy and Summer



We only have 6 weeks left! Can you help? Go to to become a monthly partner. If you are in NZ or want to donate with a check send us an email at or Much love!

Serey’s Story of Hope (Video)

We have had the pleasure of speaking at a number of different events so far during our time in America. During this time Summer has been talking about her work and involvement with young girls who have survived Human Trafficking, and has been showing a video about a young girl named ‘Serey’ as she tells her story of hope.

People have been asking if we can post the video on the blog to watch and spread around, OF COURSE!! here it is. watch it/spread it/ talk about it. this is an issue that needs more and more awareness.

Much Love Guy and Summer

Guy and Summer’s Tour Dates

Here are our up and coming Tour dates for Feb/Mar/April. Feel free to head along to any of these venues or contact us for more information. Much Love Guy and Summer



1/27 Sun Christ the Redeemer, Ft Worth


2/1 Fri “Tea & Conversation” at Fort Worth Diocesan Office at 11-12:30 pm

2/3 Sun All Saints Weatherford 9:15-12:45 pm adult & teen class, mass, lunch

2/3 Superbowl!!

2/6 Wed. at 7 pm St. Pauls in Gainesville, TX.  mass is at 6:30 pm.

2/10 Sun St. Vincent’s, Bedford TX. Breakfast, 3-5 minute presentation at church and then 10:30-11:30
“forum time”, 7:30/9/11 services.

2/12 Shrove Tuesday- BOSA pancake supper at StPeter StPaul in Arlington, TX. 5:30-6:40 pm serve pancakes ; 6:30-6:50 pm Summer’s presentation; 7:00 pm service starts

2/13 Ash Wednesday (Lent begins)

2/17 Sun St. Barnabas The Apostle, Ft. Worth, TX. 10 am Church

2/20 Wed St. Gregory’s 6 pm Eucharist and Lenten dinner

2/24 Sun Good Shepherd at Wichita Falls 1007 Burnett St, Wichita Falls, TX 76301

2/24 Sunday 10:45- Noon St. John Divine in Burkburnett at 1000 S. Berry , Burkburnett, TX 76354

2/24 Sunday 6 pm Diocesan Youth at StPeter StPaul

2/28 Thursday Incarnation Young Adults. Time TBA


3/1 Fri. St. Albans , Arlington, TX 6 pm Lenten program potluck and present.

3/3 Sun Incarnation, Dallas, Uptown service at 11:15 am and 5:30 services sermons

3/4-3/8 Austin/ Houston, TX

3/10 Sun St. John’s, Fort Worth, TX. 9 am sermon

3/11 Mon-3/13 wed Savannah, Georgia

3/14 Thurs & 3/15 Fri Atlanta, Georgia

3/17 Sun St. Laurence Southlake, TX

3/24 Palm Sunday, Our Lady of the Lake Church, Laguna Park, Tx. 10:30-11 am

3/26 Boston, MA


4/2 – 4/7 New Wineskins Conference Asheville, NC

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Hello, Hi, Hey, Kia Ora, Sous-dey.

Welcome to the first post in our blog. as the title suggest we would love you all to check us out, there are a few things going on here, most of it will be just ramblings from a couple of crazy newly married missionaries living in Cambodia, but you would probably already know that if you have clicked on any of the links on this blog.

It will be filled with crazy posts about faith and life, and interests, and most definitely all about the crazy funny stuff that comes with living life in the third world and beyond!

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