I am a lot of things to a lot a people, but first and foremost on a journey to fully become the woman God created me to be.  I am the wife of a hottie from New Zealand. The daughter of an artist.  A missionary, social worker and travel addict. A lover of deep and intimate friendships and long conversations over a good glass of wine. I am a daughter of the King and healed by His love.

Jehovah-Rapha {The Lord who Heals}

I’ve often wondered what I would see if I could look at the world through the eyes of our Lord.  I’m saddened at how desensitized I’ve grown to the state of brokenness around us, and it seems that the more I learn about all that’s going on, the more there is to discover.  Sin has ravaged our world and it has wounded even the youngest among us.  But there is hope!  In Exodus, when the Israelites had fled from Egypt and were wandering in the desert, God identified Himself to them for the first time as Jehovah Rapha, The Lord who Heals.  Throughout scripture we continue to see our God as a healing God.  And then, we’re given the beautiful example of Jesus and His healing ministry on the earth.  We’ve been given the promise that God heals.  And we’ve been given the responsibility to bring His healing light into the world.  I believe we have each been called to do that in one way or another.

I moved to Cambodia in 2009 to respond to that call, specifically by working to bring about healing in the lives of survivors of human trafficking.  When we return in April 2013, I will continue that ministry.  I have been educated and trained in the field of social work and am blessed to be able to serve as a professional social worker in the mission field.  My goals are to help provide counselling and trauma care for our survivors, helping to heal the wounds of the past and work towards a bigger and brighter future for each of them through intensive trauma therapy, education, and life skills.  I spent my first three years working with an organization called Transitions, a US-based non-profit organization that runs a shelter, career school, and family outreach program for survivors of sex trafficking in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  I now work as the Clinical Supervisor for World Hope International’s Assessment Center for female survivors of sex trafficking and rape.

This is a journal of the road God has placed me on…  It’s a journey that could not happen without the support of those at home, so I’d love to have you along for the ride!


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